Attending a Beach Wedding

A guest might have idyllic dreams of basking in the warm rays of the sun and watching as a favorite couple recites their vows, but attending a beach wedding often presents difficulties when choosing what to wear. Some couples want to be joined in matrimony as the sun tips up over the horizon to signal the dawn of a new day, and it can be chilly in even the most tropical climates. Others will select a beach where the wind blows constantly, and even the most beautifully attired wedding guest will find their clothing is inappropriate.

Attending a wedding is often about what to wear, but few guests are concerned about the climate when they make their choice. An outdoor wedding at a beach is a different matter, and guests should dress for weather when they make their own choice. It could be baking hot if the event is schedule for the afternoon, or it could be incredibly cold if dawn is the choice. The breeze is also a factor, and it will blow in different strengths and directions during the day and evening.

Many beach weddings are less formal, so dressing up to the nines could be unnecessary. If the wedding invitation says shoes optional, the guests should consider this a hint that formal wear is not required. Some couples will prefer they dress in outfits suitable to the venue, but they should at least consider wearing something chic as they observe the occasion.

For those opting for a beach wedding, letting their guests know what to wear could be an important part of their hosting duties. Some people have never attended a ceremony in this type of venue, so it is important to make sure they know what to expect. Guests will be thankful for their advice, and they might even plan their own beach wedding when they find out how much fun it can be for those attending.