Top 10 Unique Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Maybe you wish to plan a wedding in America.  Unless you are seriously considering of a quick gathering in Las Vegas with a showdown with Elvis, here are some classic wedding venues for that extra mile.

1. Haiku Mill (Maui, Hawaii): Haiku Mill is an ancient sugar plantation that is filled with a very old aged elegance and delightful fragrant smells from the jasmine and gardenia blossoms growing throughout the property.

2. Tree house Point (Issaquah, Washington): With a small bridge connecting to an exquisite, man-made tree house and beautiful stone pathways leading your way, you cannot possibly find a venue more green than this.

3. Sodo Park (Seattle, Washington): Sodo Park has one of the most beautiful backdrops for your wedding. The historical architecture of the building and the elegance of the interior is all that you will need to fulfill your desire of a perfect wedding.

4. Beaulieu Garden (Rutheford, California): The Beaulieu Garden venue has a quarter mile drive to the site that is lined with sycamore trees and beautiful landscaping design. Once you reach the garden, you will be instantly thrown into a world of nature, beauty and class.

5. Union Hill (Sonora, California): This venue has a very rustic and refined feel to it as soon as you arrive at the property line. With an outdoor fireplace, a barn and beautiful scenery, you cannot go wrong with this choice of venue.

6. Bear Flag Farm (Winters, California): If you are searching for the perfect farm scenery with lavender fields, fruit trees and crops, Bear Flag Farm is your perfect match.

7. Big Daddy's Antiques (Los Angelas, California): This is an extremely unique venue to be married as it is full of one-of-a-kind antiques from all over the world including Europe, Asia and North America.

8. Dunfillan Ruins (Kenwood, California): The ruins are delicately nestled in Sonoma Valley where a wine making pioneer once lived in the 1800's. Not only is this venue perfect for your ceremony, but there is plenty of space for your reception as well.

9. Huron Substation (Los Angelas, California): The Huron Substation is a historic monument in LA, being that it is the city's second oldest substation. The historic presence of this venue is what makes it an ideal spot to be married.

10. 550 Seaton (California): The 440 Seaton is an urban warehouse venue that provide the bride and groom with a cathedral atrium and an elegant charm.