Wedding Home Receptions

Few people have a home large enough to host a big wedding, but those looking for a more intimate event could choose a home reception after the church ceremony is complete. There are few reasons to avoid this type of ambiance if a couple is looking forward to sharing their day with only close family and friends. While their own home might be too small, a friend or relative might be willing to host the affair. Asking them might be a bit difficult, and the couple should be prepared for a negative response to their inquiry.

Some couples dream of a small garden wedding, but they might find the homes of their parents, close family and friends are not adequate. Renting a house could be an option for some, and they might find the right home is in their own neighborhood. People are often thrilled to find out their house is under consideration, and they might choose to say yes if the couple is willing to negotiate access with them.

Many young couples have found that their dreams of the perfect wedding begin and end with the childhood house where they grew up. It might be large and open, and it could be the perfect place to hold the wedding and reception. Those lucky enough to have this type of venue will often find their parents are happy to help them start their new life together, and they could have plenty of helpful suggestions for seating, entertainment and decorations for their special day.

Choosing the right place to hold the reception depends upon many different factors, so couples should be open to even the most unthinkable ideas. Those who want a small wedding will often find a private home is an ideal location for their reception, and they might even want to use the same venue as the location for speaking their wedding vows.