Different Wedding Traditions

Planning a wedding can be an exciting and daunting experience - it is often filled with difficult decisions, disagreements, and stressing over tiny details. Nevertheless, creating your very own special day is something worth cherishing for years to come! While traditions from cultures across the globe offer unique yet gorgeous ideas, we'd like to dive into some of the most interesting wedding customs around.

Diverse wedding traditions

Weddings are a celebration of love and unity, but did you know that the wedding traditions vary from country to country? It's fascinating to see how different cultures celebrate the union of two people. In India, brides wear red because it symbolises prosperity and fertility, while in Japan, white is the traditional colour for wedding attire. In Mexico, it's customary for the groom to present the bride with 13 gold coins during the ceremony, representing his commitment and financial support for their future.
From the jumping of the broom in African American weddings to smashing plates in Greek weddings, every tradition has its own unique meaning and significance. There's a whole world of diverse wedding traditions out there, and it's worthy of exploration.

German shoe shining

Have you ever heard of the bridal ‘shoeshine’ tradition in Germany? It's a pretty funky one! As part of the pre-wedding festivities, the bride-to-be gathers all her female friends around and has them polish her shoes until they're shiny like new. It's a sweet gesture of friendship and support that certainly makes for a fun bonding experience. Plus, the bride gets to step into her new life with shoes that are ready to take on the world.

Animals in India

When it comes to weddings in India, the procession of the groom is a pretty big deal. But what makes this particular tradition even more interesting is that it involves an elephant! It's customary for the groom to ride atop an elephant as he makes his way to the wedding venue. With the groom all dolled up in his wedding attire, sitting atop an elephant bedecked in colourful decorations, the procession makes quite the sight. It's truly a unique tradition that adds an extra special touch to an already memorable occasion.

Jumping for Scotland

Did you know that in some parts of Scotland, couples jump over a broom together as a symbol of their unity and the sweeping away of all troubles? It's a traditional practice that's been around for centuries. Imagine standing there in your wedding dress or kilt, holding hands with your partner, and taking that leap of faith together. It's a unique way to show your commitment to each other and start your married life off on the right foot.

Drinking in Japanese

Have you ever heard about the Japanese tradition of San-san-kudo? It's a beautiful ceremony where the bride and groom share three sips of sake with both sides of the family. This custom represents the joining of two families and their commitment to each other. The three sips of sake signify the past, present and future of the newlywed couple. I love how this ritual reflects the importance of family and tradition in Japanese culture. It's a beautiful way of honouring and acknowledging the support and love of both families in the union of the couple.

Having cake in Namibia

In Namibia, they have a tradition called 'The Cutting Of The Cake' ceremony during weddings? It's a special moment where both families come together to cut a cake and symbolise their acceptance and happiness for the couple. There's something really heart-warming about the act of sharing a piece of cake with loved ones, and this tradition takes it one step further by making it an official part of the wedding ceremony. It's a beautiful way to unite families and celebrate the union of two people in love.